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Left leg and hip pain


Hi Dr. Ian,

I find discomfort around my upper left leg after cycling particularly around my left hip, however, the pain decreases after some time.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do beforehand as a precaution to stop any pain or injuries?


Thanks for your help,





Hi Alex

Thank you for your question.

With respect to your upper left leg pain and hip pain I need to discuss 2 possibilities.

Many people will describe pain around the hip, but in reality they are referring to the sacro-iliac joint. To distinguish - if you place your hands on your "hips" so your thumbs are pointing backwards, your thumbs will be resting over the sacro-iliac joints. Your fingers will be resting over the hip joint.

If your pain is where the thumb is sitting then this is not a hip issue. The sacro-iliac joints are the joints between your sacrum and the innominate bones. These three bones make up the pelvis.

Sacro-iliac joints can become subluxated - that is misaligned, and result in pain over the joint, the groin area, and inside aspect of the knee. If this is the case then there are no stretches to get this joint moving/relax the muscles as the joint is a fibrous joint with very little movement. Usually a specific adjustment/s are needed to re-establish the integrity of this joint.

With respect to pain over the hip joint, in the front of the leg:

If there is pain in the hip joint itself I would suggest that you get it checked. I don't know how old you are but there is a possibility of hip joint degeneration that you would want to rule out if applicable. Assuming the hip joint is OK, then we may have an issue with the quads and possibly gluteal muscles. To stretch the quads you can use a stance much like that of people who do fencing. The left leg is placed behind you and fully extended, keep your back straight and bend the right knee so you are in a "lunge" posture. Hold the position for 30secs. I would also recommend that you do it on the right side as well. Do 3 times each side.

Please keep in mind that pain in this region may be related to what is called referred pain - coming from somewhere else. In this case it could be your knee.

You also mention that the pain occurs after cycling - this could be as a result of the bike setup and you may be causing stress to the "hip" region.

I would suggest tackling the problem in this order:

1 - Try the stretches, if they are not working,

2- Get the problem diagnosed properly, this will clarify exactly what is going on. Based on this there will be 2 options:

a/ Deal with the problem

b/ Get your bike setup to suit you better to reduce/eliminate the stress to the "hip" region.

The quickest solution will be to get the problem diagnosed properly, get it seen to, do appropriate exercises/stretches if applicable and possibly, if required, get the bike setup checked.

Please appreciate that my advice is based on what I am assuming to be your problem and should be considered as general advice only.

Please let me know if what I have recommended helps or not.

You are also most welcome to contact me on 9458 3255 to discuss it, or call one of the other excellent chiropractors on the "Partners Page", let them know you posted on the Cycling Victoria website, had a chat to me and I am sure they will be able to advise you.

Warm Regards


Dr Ian Deitch (Chiropractor)

9458 3255



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